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Scaffold Alarms

Daitem Scaffold Alarm

Lifting and Scaffolding Services believe that a poor alarm installation, is as bad as having no alarm at all!

The Daitem scaffold alarm system is a mains free wireless alarm system. This alarm can be used to protect scaffolds from unauthorized access/thefts etc. The installation is quick and easy, the equipment is mounted inside waterproof enclosures with clamps on the rear. Sensors and beams are installed in the most effective positions available in order to catch intruders. In the event of the sensors detecting movement, the external siren would be activated.

The alarm in switched on and off by a remote key fob and can be monitored over a mobile phone network. As this alarm system in able to function without the use of mains power, making installation quicker and less destructive than any hard-wired permanent system, it is becoming a popular choice within the industry. 

Protect your scaffold, hire our Daitem scaffold alarm system today. For pricing and more information please call our Hampshire office on 01420 554751 where one of our friendly team will be happy to help.